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Railways Transport Services | Kerala | TID: 14848070
1 Value: INR 22.92 Million approx. / 2.29 Crore approx. | Improvement to Circulating area
Brightening of Staff Quarters
Brightening Of Platform Shelter, Provision Of Train Indication Boards, Provision Of Drinking Water Basin
Provision Of Light Weight Shelters
Provision Of RCC Benches on Platform at Various Stations
Ernakulam-Alleppey-Kayankulam Section -through rail renewal (P) for 13.900 km
Manning Of Unmanned Lcs-Ernakulam-Alleppey-Kalyakulam Section Provision Of RCC pale Fencing
Interlocking Of 42 Level crossing-Improvements to Road Surface
Sleeper Renewal (P) at km. 9.700-10.800 Sl (Br.EAK 31), Repairing Of Re -railing Mechanism in br. No Eak 31 and Ernakulam Section on Bridges for 0.870 km
Renewal Of Trap Switches with PSC Layouts in Alleppey and Macelikara P.Way Section
Collecting and Training Out Of Ballast at Depot
Modernization of Works Branch and Accounts Branch
Supply Of Drinking Water Establishment
Remodeling of Retiring Room and Renovation Of PRS, Quilon-Proposed Lift on Platform no. 1,2 and 3 (Civil Portion)
Provision Of Parking Facility at Second Entry
Replacing Of Damaged Wooden / PVC Doors, Plastering Of Walls, Sullage / Sewer Lines Of Staff Quarters
Proposed Construction Of Section Engineer / P.Way office
Proposed Extension Of Br. No. 588 in Connection With Conversion as Crossing Station
Proposed Replacement Of Steel Girder with PSC Slabs of Bridge no. 99 Up at km 44/500-600
Improvements to Poojappura Colony
Proposed Construction of Additional Rooms Over Existing officers Rest House.
| Due on 22-Sep-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Education And Research Institute | Kerala | TID: 14692691
2 Value: INR 5 Million / 50 Lakh | Request For Quotation For Supply Of Hot Roll Dry Film Laminator. | Due on 11-Aug-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Kerala | TID: 14786425
3 Value: INR 4.99 Million approx. / 49.95 Lakh approx. | Construction of Academic and Seminar Hall Block for Govt. Brennan College, Dharmadam – Electrification
Deposit Work 2015-16- Restoration Work Due to laying 11 KV UG Cable by KSEB Under RAPDRP Scheme
Renovation Work to Sculphare Building at Fine Arts College
Rewiring of EI in heat Engine lab and Metrology lab, Kerala Government polytechnic College
Construction Of Class room and office Room in Government arts and Science College
Infrastructure development of GVHSS (Works)
Electrification of three Storied Building for trauma Care centre laboratory Male and female Ward at District
Restoration Work Due to laying 11 KV UG Cable by KSEB under RAPDRP kochi Scheme
Supply Installation Testing Commissioning 8 Passenegr lift at DHS
Construction Of Cement Concrete Side Drain in between 5/000 and 5/150 at Panacode Junction to Avoid Water
Supply Of Projector, Printer. Interactive White Board to Various school in district
Supply Of Television and Sound System to Various School and Libraries in District Under MLS SDF and MPLADS
Urgent rectification Work Providing 20mm Chipping Carpet in Muttakadu Road Ch. Between 0/00 to 1/600 km.
Improvements to Villagepady Chennikkaparambu west road
Construction Of Footpath and Allied Works in Kollampuzha landing road Between km. 1/500 and 2/200.(Scanned Image - Malayalam Tender)
| Due on 10-Aug-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Railways Transport Services | Kerala | TID: 14787363
4 Value: INR 4.69 Million approx. / 46.95 Lakh | Brightening of platform shelter.
Provision of train indication boards.
Provision of drinking water basin.
| Due on 08-Sep-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Civil Works | Kerala | TID: 14786397
5 Value: INR 2.91 Million approx. / 29.12 Lakh | Supply & Installation of Computer Printer Photocopier LCD Projector Tubular Battery And Digital Podium at Government College Madappally. | Due on 13-Aug-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Shipping | Kerala | TID: 14570912
6 Value: INR 2.80 Million / 28 Lakh | Design, Supply, Installation & Commissioning Of Centralised Indication System(Annunciation Panel) At Fire Station For The Existing Fire Alarm System Installed At Different Locations In Csl. | Due on 12-Aug-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Animal and Animal Feeds | Kerala | TID: 14682926
7 Value: INR 1.50 Million / 15 Lakh | Purchase of one number of Inverted Fluorescent Microscope with Plan achromat objectives with Colour CCD Cooled Camera with Software, Computer , UPS and Laser printer. | Due on 10-Aug-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Banking and Mutual Funds and Leasings | Kerala | TID: 14825885
8 Value: INR 9 Lakh | Supply & Installation of 32 Inch Full Hd Led Television For Various Branches Under Zone. | Due on 07-Aug-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Security Services | Kerala | TID: 14819394
9 Value: INR 2.56 Lakh | Procurement of Four in Number Television for Mwtc at Indian Naval Academy. | Due on 21-Aug-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
Civil Works | Kerala | TID: 14803851
10 Value: INR 97.30 Thousand | Supply and installation of LCD Projector and Digital camera at District Child Protection Unit Office. | Due on 07-Aug-2015  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  |  Ask Expert
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